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03 de Abril, 2008

KONTRAKTOR RUMAH : Baths Take On a New Seasoned Look from Modern to Traditional

Autor: rumah, 06:10, guardado en Kontraktor Rumah

Baths Take On a New Seasoned Look from Modern to Traditional

By: Shelley Murphy

Everything old is new again especially when it comes to bathroom remodeling.'Kontraktor Rumah' Homeowners are discovering one of the hottest trends in bathroom decor is replacing existing bathtubs with vintage Victorian baths. To further accentuate the look of the bath, elaborate traditional shower mixer taps are installed giving the bathroom a true historic appeal.

As do people come in all shapes and sizes, baths are following suit to accommodate every lifestyle exemplifying unique individual tastes incorporating extraordinary design elements. Creating a bathroom to reflect one's personal style can easily be accomplished with several different designs to choose from. Freestanding roll top baths are a great way to combine contemporary with traditional design by incorporating an ornate wooden pedestal or classical ball and claw foot mounts.

Creating a balanced look in your bathroom should take some considerable thought, whether it sumptuous curves or bold sleek lines, your blueprints'Kontraktor Rumah' should factor in floor space, plumbing, existing bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories. Corner baths are becoming increasingly popular not only due to their unique shape, but they are also a way of giving your bathroom a more spacious feel when designing for a smaller bathroom. Since baths are now available in a multitude of sizes, choosing a corner bath is the perfect addition to any bathroom giving it a refined geometrical look.

While bathtubs consume a large percentage of a bathroom remodeling budget, selecting a bath that is durable is a vital consideration. Today's popular choice for homeowners especially with children, acrylic has become one of the ideal choices in bathtubs finishes. 'Kontraktor Rumah' Known for its flexibility, acrylic allows for creating a myriad of bath designs. Lightweight and fiberglass filled, acrylic baths are resistant to cracks and chips and are easily maintained. Today acrylic is highly regarded as a luxurious material that provides a deep and stylish design and gives a custom look to any bathroom installation. 'Kontraktor Rumah'

Author Bio
Written by Shelley Murphy on behalf of an online retailer of bathroom furniture related products serving the United Kingdom.

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The trend of using bath tubs has changed now. The people are using the walk in baths facility to feel fresh.
publicado por diana9842, el 15.07.2015 07:09
The trend of using bath tubs has changed now. The people are using the walk in baths facility to feel fresh.
publicado por diana9842, el 15.07.2015 07:11
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